De Auras

Wheat Sour

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A new expression of the original De Auras Wheat Sour released back in 2015. This limited release spent 3.5 years conditioning to perfection in Chardonnay barrels, imparting minerality and vinous character to the beer. We then carefully blended it with a mixed sour culture from one of our oak foudres.

Bursting with flavors and aromas of pears, apples, and other orchard fruit, while complemented by hints of oak. De Auras finishes crisp, dry, and slightly tart. An excellent pairing to a shared plate of charcuterie on a sunny day.


7 %


Pilsner, Raw Wheat, Crystal. Carapils






Limited Release

If in a golden field a wanderer should appear as from the air, beware. Harvest is upon, the sickle raised, and through the haze, his sour leer. As quickly as the winged pilgrim travels near from nowhere, shall your spirit melt into thin, thin air.

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